Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kovax - The One You Shall Not Sleep On

As some of you have noticed - I've been noticeably absent from releasing new music. A lot has happened in the last few years. Marriage, children, and the thing that makes it the most challenging is working on my Master's Degree. I have about 9 months until I finish. . . and then its on. In the meantime however I have been working with Kovax (a local Detroit MONSTER) to help bring him to the next level. . . actually I'm thinking double promotion here and getting him to the level beyond that as well.

I've met and listened to hundreds of independent artists over the last few decades and every now and then someone will strike me as being a few notches better than all the rest. Usually they are missing something . . . but this dude has it ALL. He has the drive, work ethic, talent and he is willing to learn new parts of the business. He's performed to large crowds and he's one of the best stage performers that I've ever seen. I've seen him evolve musically over almost a decade now and he's continually changing things up while still keeping his deliveries full of energy and wit.

Definitely check out these 2 albums. He has another one dropping towards the end of the year. On Catching Energies Bare Mitts and Die in Detroit on Feral are some of my favorites. . .but honestly both albums are strong from front to back. They are available on Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and plenty of other outlets.
Kovax: Feral

Kovax: Catching Energies

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