Monday, June 20, 2022

The Days Pass - Will You?

I'm 100% that I need to update this more. I've been working on music for about a month or so pretty consistently. I've been doing it a long time so a lot of the software that I started using is old and no longer viable. So in order to continue some of the demos that I started back whenver . . . I need to update a few things and get it all sorted. I've been practicing, writing, working with my kids to help perfect some stuff. I have also been working with this really cool musician who now lives on the west coast. He goes by 6cide. I feel like our styles really compliment each other well. We have similar threads in what we do - but we are also different enough to make it more interesting when we combine. Below is a track that we did together.

Listen here ---> Creative Linking on Bandcamp.

This song actually goes back a LONG time. I started it with someone who was really talented both as a rapper and as an artist in general. His mind worked unlike anyone else that I ever met. I can't actually even explain what happened between him and I because I don't know. One day I was just no longer welcome in his life. Normally if I burn a bridge - I know why. his time - I had no idea at all. So. The song evolved. I tried getting a few MCs to write the other parts with me. . . and it just never came to fruition.

My story with 6cide goes back a ways. I can't tell you the exact date but sometime before 2010 I think? He hit me up via e-mail and he was very supportive. I knew that he wrote too - I always considered him someone with amazing talent. So once he was ready to collab with me - I was very inspired. He is someone that has heard more of my unreleased stuff than most. I think Joe, 6cide and Ashley (not in any order) have heard more stuff than anyone else. Years ago - shortly after Self-Made Loner came out - I made a group on fb called the inner cabal or something. 6cide was in that group then.

My daughter asked me - if I was ever going to do music again where I did my songs in front of people. She said she would really like that. That brings a happy tear to my eye. I don't push my music onto my kids - its an odd balance I guess. The music world is really weird. For me its been full of high highs and really low lows. Like when you do everything you can to put together a show and 3 people show up. . . or other times I would just do a show and lots of people would come out. I don't want them to ever have to experience the difficulty of all that so I kind of steer them away from music in that way. So its cool that they like it organically. ~eMpyre ramireX

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