Thursday, July 27, 2023

Listening to my Gut Instinct

In my last post I mentioned that my gut tells me more is coming. It was correct.

I have a new video. Here is the link. Insert Coin Video

I had some stuff printed up to go along with the guitar picks. So more on that soon.

I recently put together a 16 bar verse for a contest that XOC (xocishungry XOC Entertainment) is organzing and running. I was able to accomplish a few things I've always wanted to do. Every few lines I changed up the style of delivery. Its a mix of rapping and singing. Different cadences, different melodies. Its more consice and straightforward than my abstract stuff but still complex enough to be me. I'm damn proud of it. The really awesome part to me is that I stayed on topic and told a complete idea/story so to speak.

I got a little bit better at mixing during this. 6Cide and I both entered track's. His is a verbal onslaught.

The thing I'm trying to do much more this year - is write quickly. Don't over think it. Just make it. Hopefully I'll get some links up soon.

Between Myk Media and XOC they've helped me re-spark in a way that I can tangibly hold onto something and move forward again. Ed Sheeran played a part. Thanks Ed.

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